Pregnacare Juice Bar


Enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink in the Pregnacare Juice Bar. You could spend a few minutes planning your day, have a chat with friends and fellow mums & mums-to-be, or just relax and put your feet up!


The Pregnacare Juice Bar will be serving freshly blended and made to order fruit smoothies that provide a delicious and healthy alternative to fizzy drinks or coffee. Packed full of fruity goodness and just the right vitamins & minerals, Pregnacare’s fab juice selection can help give you a mid-day boost at The Show and of course, help cover your all important 5-a-Day.

Pregnacare - manufactured by Vitabiotics - is the UK’s most trusted range of supplements. Specially formulated by experts, Pregnacare® is the most popular and trusted prenatal supplement to safeguard the diet of those who are planning for pregnancy or are already pregnant, right through to the end of breast-feeding.   

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