Childhood Toys & Memories

One of the great things about working with and attending The Baby Show is seeing all the fabulous new products coming to market, and often we see these and reminisce about items for our childhood which we loved – mostly toys.

Our Vintage Style Toys board on Pinterest has some absolute delights on it. And although we’re not suggesting you let your baby nibble on any of the toys we’ve featured we do encourage you to use them as styling accessories. They look super cool and have a great feel good factor to them.

Vintage Little Snoppy Dog

For me, it was all about Little Snoopy from Fisher Price. Little Snoppy was launched in 1965 – I wasn’t born until 1978, but love that dog I did. I took it everywhere. It was battered and bruised! I have recently sourced another which has pride of place in my daughters nursery.

So what toy did it for you? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Facebook wall and we will hunt them down and add them to our pinterest board.



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