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Daddy Natal and Family

For the first time ever you’ll be able to take part in fantastic antenatal and postnatal classes at The Baby Show in Manchester! To learn more about the classes we spoke to Dean from The Natal Company who will be running the classes.

The day a baby is born, is a truly special day, and the impact of that day will live with us and our children for the rest of our lives.

How did the Natal Company come to be? What was your inspiration?

DaddyNatal came first, born out of my experiences of becoming a father and realising that the support that was out there wasn’t really that useful for dads, it didn’t prepare us to be the birth partners or dads we wanted to be. Following on and from feedback received from mums and dads we work with and our own experiences, BabyNatal was born.  BabyNatal is all about non-judgmental and unbiased education on parenting choices.  So in short, you could say our inspiration stemmed from our own experiences and has been built on from the experiences of thousands of parents we have worked with ever since. Today, all of our birth and parenting classes and support services now come under the banner of The Natal Company, so that parents can visit one place to find whatever it is they need.

You teach classes specifically for  Dads as well as Mums; why do you feel it is important to have classes aimed just at men?

Dads, whether expectant or new, want different information and ways of learning than mums. They also want an environment which is comfortable for them to talk freely, discuss fears and worries and get the peer support which is missing for most dads. DaddyNatal allows dads to focus on specifically learning about their role and how to fulfil it.  We offer a range of classes, so people can choose what feels most appropriate for themselves – some are dads only, some mums only and some for couples. We believe finding the right class is really important, and we offer a selection, not a one-size-fits-all generic class.

You offer Hypnobirthing; what, for those who don’t know, does that entail?

HypnoBirthing is simply about learning how to deeply relax through labour and birth. When a woman in labour relaxes and is free from fear, her mind and birthing muscles work in harmony, so she feels not pain, just the normal birth sensations of pressure and tightening.HypnoBirthing is an antenatal programme which combines deep relaxation exercises, labour breathing techniques and visualisation. Fathers (or Birth Partners) play a very active role, learning practical techniques to enable mums to achieve this deep level of relaxation during birth.

What do you like most about teaching your courses?

We love everything about them, sharing the parents journey is such a privilege and honour, and seeing where they are 6 months or even a year later is amazing. There is nothing quite like hearing people report back how something you have taught them has made them feel more confident and positive about their birth or parenting. We also run an accredited Antenatal Teacher Training School, and training the new teachers is also amazing.

If you could give first time parents one piece of advice what would it be?

The day a baby is born, is a truly special day, and the impact of that day will live with us and our children for the rest of our lives. So my one piece of advice is prepare, read, find the right educational support and classes to prepare for the birth and the early days – in short, do all that you can to get ready for what truly is the most important day of your lives, the birth of your child.

What are you most looking forward to about The Manchester Baby Show?

It has to be the opportunity to meet thousands of parents all at different stages in their parenting journeys. We are ecstatic to be working with the Baby Show, and think it is brilliant they are bringing modern, evidence based and non-judgmental birth and parenting support to the shows.

You can book in to classes with The Natal Company by visiting the Manchester Baby Show!

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