What to pack in your hospital bag : Part 1

 Your Hospital Bag - The Baby Show

Earlier this week when planning this very serious feature about the essential items that you absolutely must pack in your hospital bag I made a rookie error. Yes, I opened it to the floor and the product suggestions from our Facebook and Twitter followers came flooding in.

With each suggestion the packing list got a little more amusing, until my sensible editorial plan had to be completely abandoned! So instead I give you The Baby Show Crowd Sourced TOP 10 HOSPITAL BAG ESSENTIALS courtesy of our social followers.

1. Big Pants

2. Haribo

3. Hair Bobbles (?!)

4. Full Fat Coke

5. Digestive biscuits

6. Bottled Water

7. Music

8. Flip Flops

9. A Sensible Nightie

10. A flannel

Followed by a few things that had no chance of making the Top 10 (but I liked them and I’m the one writing the blog!).

  – A four block extension cable (hello, essential)

  – Foundation (ditto)

  – Dettol anti bac wipes (other brands are available)

  – Teatree oil (to soothe the bits you don’t even want to think about hurting now)

  – Toothbrush (work it out)

The above suggestions are fab but there’s one huge, gaping hole in this list as I see it and that’s the fact that you are packing to go into hospital TO HAVE A BABY!

If you forgot about the baby necessities, I hope it’s just your pregnancy brain and that you have time to re pack before the big day?!

If you’re still confused (and why wouldn’t you be after reading this), don’t despair, we will be posting an awesome suggested packing list for you and your new baby very soon.

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this list.

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