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Britax Baby Show – Bin the Booster
Sep 01, 2015

Britax urges parents to bin the booster!

With so much choice in the child car seat market, many parents are at a loss as to what car seat is the right seat for their precious little one. While the current law requires children...

Breastfeeding! Am I missing out?
Jun 01, 2015

2 months ago my wife and I ended up in A and E. My wife had what we thought to be a severe allergic reaction and her skin became covered in a rash; her lips were swelling and her eyes were closing. She was extremely distressed, and I did my best to...

Getting ready for The Baby Show Birmingham
May 12, 2015

I run Mama Designs where I create products for mums and babies all as a direct result of my experiences as a mum. My first product and reason for starting the business was Mamascarf. I came up with the idea for a discreet breastfeeding cover when my...

Following in Kate and William’s footsteps?
May 07, 2015

Relate’s five things to think about before having a second child

Denise Knowles is a relationship counsellor at Relate.  She has previously worked for Pampers as their relationship expert and contributed to Relate’s...

Babies Are Frustrating
May 06, 2015

What ever happened to the ideology that raising a baby is full of joys and happiness? Well, if that ever existed, it certainly isn’t true! Don’t get me wrong, raising a baby is filled with joy and happiness 75% of the time, but the remaining 25% is...

Holidaying with an 8 month old!
Apr 23, 2015

Having been away on holiday for the last week, I have come to realise that holidaying with an 8 month old is a whole different ball game. Long gone are the days of stuffing a few pairs of clean undies in a bag with a toothbrush and T-shirt. Our car...

Come Wean with Annabel Karmel
Apr 17, 2015

Get your puree journey off to a flying start with these first-taste purees. Give Annabel’s highchair hits a go as you never know what your little ones will love!

For lots more weaning and finger food recipes, check out Quick & Easy Weaning...

Easy Indian SuperMeals for Babies with Zainab...
Apr 07, 2015

Zainab Jagot Ahmed is first-time mum to daughter Aaliyah. After the birth of her daughter, Zainab felt inspired to turn her attention to cooking nutrient-rich, homemade baby food. Zainab was keen to introduce Aaliyah to aromatic Asian flavours early...

Dads don't babysit!
Mar 31, 2015

I need to get something off my chest!

Is it just me or are dads slowly becoming more baby sensitive? Should I be concerned? Does that mean we’ll go the whole way and start welling up at chick flicks whilst petting ‘cute’ animals? Or does it...

Mother's Day
Mar 16, 2015

I think it’s fair to say that being a mum is bloody hard work!

At least, I’m beginning to think it is having spent 7 months watch Jen tirelessly meet all of Ted’s demanding needs! And so I’ve come to learn that Mother’s Day should be one of the...

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