Letters of Light Project

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“Receiving my Letter of Light made me feel like I was not alone, I won’t lie I cried when I read it because I felt empowered with each word I read. I hope the fellow mum who wrote it knows just how powerful her words were and how special it was to receive a letter x” 
We're so proud of our brilliant presenter Lucy Piper who has become a global ambassador for the Letters of Light Project, founded by mum and author Olivia Siegl.

What is a Letter of Light?

A Letter of Light is a handwritten letter of peer support written by a mum with lived experience of a maternal mental health (MMH) illness and sent to a mum currently suffering.
  • A compassionate letter a mum can read when in need of a little light
  • A letter she can use to help start a conversation with loved ones about how she’s feeling
  • A peer support letter a MMH professional can use to aide a patients recovery
Women with lived experience of a maternal mental health illness, understand how powerful words from someone who has recovered from a similar experience can be. These words inspire hope, solidarity and belief that recovery is possible! This is the mission of The Letters of Light project; To share words of support and empowerment from women with lived experience to women currently suffering. And show there is life after a maternal mental health illness.

Letter of Light deliveries are sent to hospitals, Mother & Baby Units and Maternal Mental Health organisations supporting women with their maternal mental health. 

Find out how you can be involved, to subscribe to either receive a Letter of Light for yourself, a friend or loved one, or register to write a letter to a mum in need.

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