Must-Haves for Travelling with Baby

Must-Haves for Travelling with Baby image
Yay! Summer is finally here and many of you will be venturing off around the UK or further afield to make the most of it.
Travelling with a baby can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time away from home – you’re naturally worried about the change of environment and routine unsettling your baby.

Here are a few of our favourite products to make travelling with your baby that little bit easier.

Bugaboo Stardust
Sleep is often the biggest worry on a new parent’s mind when it comes to travel – will their baby be able to sleep in an unfamiliar environment, not in their cot at home, without blackout curtains, on the move. The Stardust travel cot from Bugaboo is a game-changer. It takes one second to pop up and three seconds to fold, and is suitable from birth with a zip-in insert, so no need to have to bend over to use it.
Nuby RapidCool™ Perfect Preparation Portable Bottle Maker
Formula feeding on-the-go made simple with the NEW RapidCool™ Perfect Preparation that cools down formula milk to the perfect temperature in just 2 minutes* to NHS guidelines. Just WOW! It’s travel friendly, easy to clean, fits in most nappy changing bags and no power supply is needed. Use it anytime, take it anywhere!

*NB: Time varies between 2-5 minutes, depending on the size of the feed.
Milton Solo Travel Steriliser & Milton Sterilisation Tablets
There’s a reason Milton products are still so popular after 70 years! The perfect travel companion for sterilising everything from bottles and teats to soothers. After cleaning and rinsing products, just use a quarter of the sterilisation tablet (solution works for 24 hours) with cold water, pop the lid on and everything will be sterilised in 15 short minutes. Ready to go!
Joolz Aer
Thanks to a speedy one-handed fold, the Joolz Aer collapses down into just the right size to fit into a plane’s overhead compartment. Great for travel but for those who want to have a lighter, easy to use option for shorter outings as well. It is amazingly compact, lightweight and despite this, still super easy to steer with one hand, even at the upper age range.
Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier All-In-One Cool Air Mesh
This super-breathable carrier will keep both you and your baby cool in the heat. The Omni 360 grows with the baby from week 1 to 20 kg and offers a perfect fit for all parents. It also has some great benefits such as an adjustable head support for your baby, integrated sunshade and removable storage pouch. Perfect around cobbly old streets, in the airport, on the plane to keep baby comfortable and cool!
Depending on whether you’re travelling in the UK or abroad you may also want to consider packing medicines, food pouches for feeding on the go, swim nappies, a summer weight sleeping bag, a breathable sunshade for your buggy (such as SnoozeShade) and sun creams for your baby’s delicate skin.  
Useful Travel Hack: Forget blackout blinds, use tin foil to blackout windows, it keeps out the heat and light at the same time (shiny side pointing out).