NCT Introducing Solid Foods Workshop

The Baby Show | Olympia 18-20 October 2019 | Baby, Bump, Toddler, Pregnancy & Parenting Event  | NCT Introducing Baby Solids Workshop

Introducing your baby to solid foods can be a very exciting time. Our workshops help you decide when the time is right, how you want to go about it and what to expect.

Our antenatal courses are the nation’s favourite, supporting you through pregnancy and making sure you’re prepared for labour and early parenthood. We won’t tell you what to do or think. Instead, we’ll help you decide what’s best for you and your family.

We have a stand full of experts meeting and greeting new parents all weekend. From pregnancy, labour and birth questions, through to feeding support, we’re here to answer your questions. You can also take advantage of our exclusive antenatal and postnatal course discounts.

And don’t miss our friendly, informal Q&A sessions in the Weaning Kitchen! Two of our lovely postnatal teachers will be on hand to take you through the A-Z of introducing your baby to solid foods.

Weaning Kitchen

Moving your baby onto solid foods is a big step in their development. But with so much advice and so many different methods out there, it can be tricky knowing where to start. Caroline and Claire, two of our lovely postnatal teachers, will help you figure it all out. Come along to one of our friendly, informal Q&A sessions in the Weaning Kitchen for tips and information. You’ll leave feeling much more confident about feeding your baby!

Check out NCT Introducing Solid Foods workshop here.