Reusable Nappy Week 19 - 25 April 2021

Reusable Nappy Week 19 - 25 April 2021 | The Baby Show 2021
Reusable Nappy Week, an international campaign to raise awareness about the importance of using reusable nappies, is coming up from 19 – 25 April. We’ve rounded up key bits of information and some lovely reusable nappy brands ahead of next week.
What’s On for Reusable Nappy Week?
Next week is all about discovering the importance of switching to reusable and the benefits to the environment, how to make the switch and the best types of nappies for your baby. You'll find all of this information on the campaign website here. Plus, some great virtual sessions are being held by one of our Baby Show Live @ Home exhibitors, The Nappy Lady. You can choose from a one-to-one demo with The Nappy Lady for £10 or a group session for £1. 

Not sure where to start? Fill in this handy questionnaire from The Nappy Lady and one of their advisors will contact you with some personalised tips on buying reusable nappies, which materials are best, value for money and more. 

The Reusable Nappy market is growing and there are some fantastic brands to choose from…
1. Close Parent
Why we love them: Huge range of styles and ages from newborn right through to potty training. We love their endangered animal collection, featuring animals on the design and donating a percentage of profits to WWF
2)    The Washable Nappy Company
Why we love them: This retailer sells a range of great brands (some on this list!) so if you already know a thing or two about reusable nappies, then this could the place for you as there are so many options to choose from. Plus, they offer starter kits with a mix of brands, so you can establish your favourites. 
3)    Modern Cloth Nappies
Why we love them: The modern design on these nappies are simply beautiful. This small, boutique brand is passionate about providing sustainable products for your little one that also look good. The matching changing mats and accessories are also worth checking out. 

4)    NappyNoos
Why we love them: The newborn bundle from NappyNoos features five of their wonderfully bright nappies, plus a matching wet bag and a pack of five reusable bamboo wipes. 
5)    Bambino Mio
Why we love them: Bambino Mio have a big range of colourful collections to choose from and at a great price too! When your little one is ready for the swimming pool, check out the swim nappies. Super cute. 

Keep an eye out for the next Baby Show Live @ Home event from 18 -21 June, where some of these amazing brands and more could be exhibiting at some great prices. Sign up for event updates here