Why didn't anyone tell me that?

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It can seem that there is some secret code when it comes to motherhood, especially around the early stages of motherhood. Some aspects of becoming a parent are just not talked about until you've been there and done it. Which in our opinion is sometimes a little late! 
As a mum-to-be or a new mum, you'll always find that you are questioning yourself. Is this normal? Am I doing it right? Am I the only one that feels like this? Wouldn't it be amazing if there was a handy guide that you could use to save your sanity during pregnancy and in the early days?
We thought so too! So, following on from Mummy Social where we support mums through the good, the bad and the sometimes hysterical aspects of motherhood, we've created the BumpStart Club. This is a downloadable guide that covers the traditional antenatal course content but also has a real-life take on your mental health, and how to look after it, as you transition into motherhood. It's written by mums with first-hand experience and contains advice from first-time mums, as well as professional information and links. All for just £9.99!
It covers things such as how you’ll feel after birth, how to prioritise your wellbeing and how to overcome the common new mum challenges. This guide will leave you feeling calm, confident and well prepared for becoming a fabulous new mummy!
The guide covers:
• Understanding your expectations versus reality.
• Having a positive mental attitude for your birth, no matter what happens.
• What you really need to know about giving birth.
• What to expect after the birth, aptly called ‘you’ll thank us later’.
• How to take care of your mental health as a new mum.
• 4 practical, personalised action plans to look after wellbeing.
• 2 ‘to-do’ checklists to help you get everything ready.
• How to overcome the 6 most common new mum challenges.
• Practical ‘how-tos’ for looking after a baby.
• Top tips from other mums and so much more…

Download the guide - £9.99

You can also join the Mummy Social private friendship group to:
• Meet other like-minded new mums.
• Find and give advice and support.
• Make new friends, who are all in a similar boat as you.
So save yourself from feeling like you’ve been slapped around the face with a dose of motherhood reality, thinking ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me?’ and download the guide – it’s a PDF download so you can read it anytime, anywhere! It’s like chatting to a friend and while we’re on the subject of friends come and join us on social media -  just look for Mummy Social on Instagram and Facebook.