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Making the dinners our dogs deserve.

Freshly prepared dog food delivered in perfect portions.

Currently, most of the UK’s mass-produced dog food is made up of a hodgepodge of waste products, mystery fillers and preservatives that ensure a shelf life longer than the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This has led to millions of dogs in millions of households suffering due to their poor diet.

We wanted to help change that - working alongside vet nutritionists, we created different meals that contain just the right mix of top-notch ingredients. Our mission’s far from over, but we’re making great progress. Fussy eaters are gobbling down meals and dogs with regularly upset stomachs are showing, shall we say, a solid improvement.

"As a dog trainer and behaviourist with a strong interest in health and nutrition I can recommend Butternut Box food for all dogs. It’s incredible quality in terms of ingredients and variety."

– Winkie Spiers, Behaviourist