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Cloud Massage sends masseurs, manicurists, mindfulness coaches and a whole range of wellbeing therapists to our clients’ offices. These are companies that understand that when their people feel relaxed, appreciated and inspired, they enjoy and do their best work.
Our Purpose is simple: to bring happiness to your office.  
Because we know that happy people = great work + a better world.
We've also got a nice secret.
When we visit a client’s office, we ask EVERY person we massage, manicure etc to choose a good deed we can do on their behalf: 
They can choose that we:
  • Plant a tree in a deforested region of Kenya
  • Feed an Ethiopia nursery child 
  • Send a disadvantaged Indian girl to school

It makes us feel good and we hope it gives you a warm glow too
We’re at The Baby Show delivering 10-minute massages and you can pay just what you feel like at the end of it.
Make sure to get in touch if you’d like to find out more about us visiting your office!