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Kendamil provides your little one the most natural infant formula available. With over 57 years’ experience, our expert R&D team have developed a unique whole milk formulation using natural mammal milk fats and less vegetable oil, including zero palm oil, zero fish oil and zero GMOs. Kendamil is the only British-made formula, with all milk sourced locally from Red Tractor assured and organic approved farms in the Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The only Whole Milk formula
Our premium formula is the most natural on the market. Kendamil exclusively uses whole milk from British grass-fed cows on local farms. Our unique full cream recipe provides a more natural source of fat with less reliance on vegetable oil.
No Palm Oil
We care about your child and their future. Our full cream formulation means we use natural milk fats and zero palm oil – meaning better calcium absorption and reduced constipation for your little one, and a more environmentally sustainable product.
Suitable for Vegetarians
We are proud to be the only vegetarian infant formula. Our Kendamil formula contains zero fish oil, a natural allergen. Instead, we source our Omega 3 from natural pure marine algae – a purer source, better for your child and the environment.
The only British Infant Formula
We are the only British formula manufacturer. We produce Kendamil exclusively from our factory in the British Lake District, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and our milk is sourced locally from Red Tractor assured certified farms.