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Baby Led Weaning Made Easy

06 Mar 2022

Weaning your baby is a critical milestone that impacts not only their nutritional status and health but can also determine whether your baby will feed well as a toddler and prevent allergies. 

In this talk, Natalie will discuss the pro’s and con’s of Baby-Led Weaning so you can make an informed decision about what is best for you and your baby when they start their weaning journey. She will also discuss her personal experiences as a mum of three, hacks she loves and how to overcome weaning challenges as they arise, such as fussy eating.

Natalie Peall is the creator of Baby Led Weaning Cookbook and the bestselling Baby Led Weaning Recipes app. When Natalie was first weaning her eldest daughter, who had CMPA, she struggled to find recipes for the whole family, that took into account dietary needs. It was the main driver for developing my Baby Led Weaning Cookbook app.

Natalie Peall, Baby Led Weaning Expert