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How to Spot When Your Baby is Unwell

05 Mar 2022

Dr Shruti Nathwani is a board certified Paediatric doctor who strives to bridge the gap between parents and clinicians. She is the host of the platform @thechildrensmedic where she uses her Paediatric knowledge and experience as a mum to create content that parents can not only learn from but relate to. Dr Nathwani offers practical advice and tips around various stages including weaning and potty training. She tackles complicated subjects such as reflux and CMPA (cow’s milk protein allergy) and aims to keep her followers up to date with new research. Her talk will cover the topics below: 

1. Fever: How to measure your baby's temperature

2. Breathing: What is normal newborn breathing

3. Jaundice: How to recognise newborn jaundice, what causes it and when should it resolve

4. Tongue tie: How to recognise tongue tie and the impact it could have

5. Newborn Vomit and Stool: What is normal and when should more action be taken

Dr Shruti Nathwani, Paediatrician - The Children’s Medic