Anna Machin

Academic, Writer and Broadcaster


Dr. Anna Machin is an academic, writer and broadcaster whose job is to answer the question “What is Love?”. She is world renowned for her work exploring the science behind fatherhood and the mechanisms that underpin human love; between lovers, family and friends. In 2018 she published the popular parenting book, The Life of Dad (Simon & Schuster), which explores the biology, psychology and reality of being a dad from pre-birth to parenting teenagers. She is passionate about sharing what we now know about being a father from the hormone and brain changes that help men become instinctive parents to the critical role dads have to play in their children’s development, whatever type of dad they are. She works closely with a number of organizations, including NCT, to support and educate new parents and has a particular interest in male perinatal mental health and supporting the parents’ relationship as they undertake the exciting but often bumpy road to parenthood. You can find more information about her work as well as podcasts, blogs and videos at www.annamachin.com or follow her on Twitter @dr_aMachin.
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