Marley Hall

Midwife, Influencer, Childbirth Educator


Marley is the lead midwife for NowBaby Live, an online birth education platform. With over 10 years experience in both the NHS and the private sector and with five children of her own she is dedicated to teaching women about labour, birth and beyond. Marley is currently one of the top UK childbirth influencers on Instagram and Facebook. Using technology to educate women on birth, she has combined her popular animations with social media that have been shared throughout the world. In particular she looks at the mindset during birth and the impact it can have on the birth process.
If you are expecting a baby NowBaby Live is a must. Becoming educated on all aspects of labour & birth plays a huge role in the experience you have during the birth of your baby. Enrolling in hospital based antenatal classes has become increasingly difficult in the UK due to cut backs within the NHS. Run by qualified midwives, women are able to learn about pregnancy & birth online, in the comfort of their own home, without having to worry about travel or parking. 
These classes are convenient with fully interactive graphics, NowBaby Live uses demonstrations and videos so expectant parents can  ask questions in real time, interacting with the midwife as if she were right there with you.

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