Michela Chiappa


Speaking for the first time at the Show is writer and founder of The Positive Birth Movement, Milli Hill, author and musician, Izzy Judd, and star and tv presenter of Channel 4’s Simply Italian, Welsh/Italian cook and author of top weaning book, Michela Chiappa. Michela Chiappa is a Welsh/Italian cook, TV presenter and author of baby at the table: weaning the Italian way. Following the success of their Channel 4 series and best-selling book, Simply Italian, the Chiappa sisters started to have their own family. Michela has two girls called Fiamma (4) and Serafina (2). When faced with the challenges of weaning, they were overwhelmed by the contradictory advice out there so, with the help of Jamie Oliver’s nutritionists, decided to write their own weaning book, Baby at the Table. Michela’s top weaning tip is to offer as much variety to your baby as possible before they are 1 - experiment with unusual flavours and keep sweet treats to a minimum. babies are more likely to enjoy bitter flavours and tastes at the early weaning stage. Also, if your baby rejects a food, don't give up - they might just take a little coaxing...try it again at least 3 times. Also, keep your weaning simple and easy....everyone today is busy so we have tonnes of hacks and ways to offer variety and super nutritious food in lightening speed. Our baby brodino and our no-cook purees are essentials for every busy parent!
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