Milli Hill

Author & Founder of the Positive Birth Movement


Milli is a journalist, author and founder of the Positive Birth Movement (PBM). Her first book The Positive Birth Book was published to wide acclaim in 2017 and immediately became an Amazon bestseller, remaining one of the most popular books for pregnant women ever since. Her second book, Give Birth Like a Feminist was published in August 2019 and seeks to spark debate about childbirth as an overlooked feminist issue, urging women to reclaim their bodily autonomy in birth in line with the #metoo movement. Her message is simple, that birth really matters to women, that it can be empowering, inspiring and life-enhancing, and above all, that they can do it! She is a tireless advocate for women’s choices and for the notion that birth can be positive in any setting, from home to the operating theatre. As well as her work for the PBM, Milli writes for various publications about birth and motherhood, including the Telegraph, Guardian, Independent, ipaper, and is a regular contributor to Mother&Baby. She runs online birth preparation courses which you can find at www.millihill.co.uk. Milli lives in Somerset with her partner and three children, and you can find her on instagram, twitter and facebook.

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