Ruth Crilly

Model, Influencer, Creator of The Night Feed app


Ruth Crilly, known to many as A Model Recommends, worked extensively as a fashion and beauty model before deciding to share her expert tips and tricks with the online masses. Her honest reviews, in-depth knowledge and witty writing style has garnered her a loyal following and the well-earned status as a beauty insider. Most recently, Ruth has embarked on her biggest journey yet - motherhood. Having welcomed her two children into the world, she now shares the advice and stories picked up along the way. As an ex-international fashion and beauty model, there isn't a beauty product that Ruth Crilly hasn't trialled. She started her blog, A Model Recommends in 2011 to document what exactly works and what doesn't. Ruth co-founded award-winning dry shampoo brand, Colab, in 2014. Having two children, Ruth often shares her motherhood experiences on her platforms and in summer of 2019 launched the app for parents, The Night Feed.
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