Siobhan Berry

Founder of Mummy Cooks


 Siobhan Berry is Ireland’s top weaning and feeding expert and the founder of Mummy Cooks. The success of her online baby weaning academy, baby and family recipe books and innovative portion pots is all down to her simple, realistic and fuss-free feeding advice to families. 
Siobhan’s method of feeding starts from the weaning stages with a simple philosophy: cook for family, adapt for baby. She emphasises creating a happy eating environment for every child at every age, so they grow into happy, healthy and adventurous eaters
Siobhan has sold thousands of copies of her two Mummy Cooks recipe books, and is trained in Infant Nutrition and in the SOS Approach to Feeding Fussy Eaters. She makes regular TV and radio appearances and is Ireland’s ‘go-to’ family feeding expert.
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