Lucy Wolfe

Sleep Consultant


Lucy Wolfe is a leading Sleep Consultant, Author of the highly acclaimed book, The Baby Sleep Solution, creator of the award-winning 100% natural Sleep Through Relaxing Rub and Sleep Spray and Mum of four children.
She is a graduate of University College Cork and has completed extensive training and education in Ireland, UK and USA, together with continuous professional development, staying informed and engaged with recent research and development in the field of childhood development and sleep.
Her unique strategies are what every modern parent is looking for- a gentle, sensitive and emotionally appropriate approach to establishing positive sleep practices; when possible, from birth onwards, using her Gentle Sleep Shaping and Percentage of Wakefulness Approach or from 6 months onwards with her Gentle Sleep Learning Approach.  Both designed to encourage a secure, loving relationship and developmentally relevant sleep tendencies.  Taking every facet of the child’s story into account, helping to identify core reasons that may be affecting your child’s Sleep Ability and supporting age-appropriate changes, to gently unlock their natural, inherent sleep skill set; enabling them, and their parents to achieve deeper, more rested and less interrupted sleep, overnight and by day, when developmentally able to so.  
All this can be initiated without leaving them to cry alone, with her Stay-and-Support Approach and an over-riding emphasis on the science of sleep, together with the child’s and the parent’s emotional wellbeing. 
She contributes widely as an expert on television, radio, newspapers, events, parenting magazines  and online resources; supporting parents worldwide on an individualised, one to one basis in her private practise and also generally with her much-loved book and engaging social media presence-devoted to helping parents become informed, confident, reassured and empowered in their parenting career.
www.sleepmatters.ie lucy@sleepmatters.ie
Insta @lucywolfesleep f/b@sleepmatterswithlucywolfeslee
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