Bodé Aboderin

Motivational Speaker


Bodé Aboderin (AKA Papa B) is a Motivational Speaker and Influencer on a mission – to show the world that black fatherhood is LIT...
Having championed his career as a client relationship manager whilst becoming a father of three, Papa B is living proof that black fatherhood is not only compatible with ambition, but can inspire, nourish and amplify it.

Doing away with the negative stereotypes associated with being a black dad in Britain, he is using his natural flair for motivational speech to share the joyful and transformative journey of starting a family; without skirting around the inherent challenges and lessons to be learnt.

Recently bestowed with the honour of being the only male speaker at Pregnant Then Screwed, a festival celebrating mothers with careers, Papa B is going from strength to strength. Whether he’s empowering his viewers to overcome their hurdles on his IGTV series ‘Papa Don’t Preach!’, or tackling the thought-provoking issues of the day with his wife, Candice Brathwaite, on their weekly podcast ‘Pillow Talk’, one thing is abundantly clear – Papa’s got a brand new tag and he’s owning it... #blackfatherhoodislit
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