The Parent and Baby Coach Heidi Skudder

The Parent and Baby Coach


Heidi Skudder, also better known as The Parent and Baby Coach specialises in helping new parents get to grips with those first few precious years of their child’s life. Heidi has worked one to one and online with over a thousand clients to bring them expert advice and coaching on Sleep, Baby Reflux, Weaning and then as the babies grow, Toddler Behaviour and Potty Training too. As well as helping other parents along the journey, Heidi also has a toddler and more recently a newborn baby herself, so fully understands the juggle of modern day life and wanting to be the best possible parent whilst finding time to keep home, work and relationships going. She has over 18+ years experience in childcare and has been consulting as The Parent and Baby Coach for the last 8 years. Heidi often comments on parenting topics in the media, speaks at events and works alongside many baby brands. Alongside a large Instagram following, Heidi has recently launched her own YouTube Channel, providing parents with free tips and advice on a range of parenting topics. Her approach to parenting and sleep in particular has changed the lives of many children and parents with many glowing online reviews.
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