Tom Redwood

Chef & Founder of Babease


Tom is Chef & Founder at Babease. After years travelling the world as a private chef, Tom founded Babease in 2016 to debunk the myth that baby food must be bland and to nurture a new generation of future foodies. Tom puts years of chef-ing into each pouch, to introduce your little one to new flavours, and teach them to love healthy veggies while they’re at their most receptive. To Tom, food is exciting, and there is no reason why baby food shouldn’t be either! Join Tom Redwood and Madeline Shaw (Mum, Nutritional Therapist, Best-Selling Author & Blogger) to learn about the weaning journey, and how the first foods we eat shape our eating habits for life. Weaning doesn’t have to be stressful – hear from Tom and Madeleine about their own weaning experiences, as well as tips on being brave and adventurous with what we feed our little ones.
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