BellyUp pregnancy support girdle

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BellyUp pregnancy support girdle

Julie Kay Belly Way

Relieve your heavy belly and reduce your aches and pains during pregnancy with the BellyUp!

Support your pregnant body correctly with the unique, high quality BellyUp pregnancy belt designed by Physiotherapist Julie Kay.

The changes in your body during pregnancy can lead to many aches, ailments and discomfort which can be relieved by wearing a pregnancy support belt.

The BellyUp has a unique design which allows for maximal comfort and effect. The double, flexible back strut system provides incredible back and hip support.

Soft, breathable, elastic material makes up the rear of the BellyUp, which forms to your body and prevents sliding and folding.

The front arms of the BellyUp are soft, comfortable and adjust to the size of your growing belly.

The removable elastic strap gives extra support to your back or the front of your belly or abdomen. 

Many pregnant women are prescribed support belts by their health practitioners and they truly work wonders in alleviating the adverse physical effects of pregnancy!

We recommend using the BellyUp for the support of your belly, back and pelvic area from as early on as you experience physical discomfort during pregnancy. The BellyUp can be used right up until the day baby arrives.

You can sleep in your BellyUp and wake up feeling supported.

We recommend wearing your BellyUp during exercise as it preserves and protects your body.


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