Closer to Nature, Kinder by Miles

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Closer to Nature, Kinder by Miles


Kendamil is the fastest growing follow on milk in the UK. Millions of
parents across the world are switching to Kendamil because of its world class reviews and its approach to crafting a formula
recipe which is better for little ones and the world they will inherit.
What makes Kendamil so special? We start with the highest-quality, natural ingredients – liquid whole milk from grass-fed cows
and family farms in the Lake District, plant-based DHA and AA (making us the only formula in the UK that is vegetarian
friendly!) .
Next, we cut out the nasties – that means NO palm oil (linked to constipation), NO fish oil (an allergen and cause of poor
taste/smell) and NO soya (typically genetically modified) – for a recipe that is closer to nature and kinder by miles.

s a uniquely independent family owned and operated brand, we believe that it's so important that no family should have to
compromise on their little one's nutrition. That's why we're the only Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher certified formula made for all


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