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Zellie Zipper Backpack

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Good-looking and ridiculously hard-working, the Zellie Backpack has loads of tricks up its sleeve to keep you and your young family organised on the move.

      Unique Zellie Zipper™ Patch design

+      Wipes dispenser

+      Fully adjustable gel padded backpack straps for comfort

+      Top canvas handle to grab and go

+      Stud feet to protect the base

+      Stands open on its own for easy viewing and access

+      Two insulated pockets for drinks

+      Shockproof padded laptop pocket

+      Lightweight textured leather alternative which ages like leather

+      Vegan glues and threads

+      Premium YKK zips that glide effortlessly

+      Side accessory rings to attach a shoulder strap, luggage tags, tassels, water bottle or umbrella

+      100% waterproof lining

+      Wipe clean inside and out

+      Hand luggage size for all major airlines

Zellie Zipper™
We're not really into quick flings so your Zellie bag is built for something a bit more long-term and meaningful. To help keep things spicy your bag has a unique Zellie-Zipper™ design – swappable Patches that zip on and off.

Your Zellie Backpack comes sporting a smart black Signature Quilt Patch, but that's just the beginning. With a joyous range of colours and designs to choose from, start your own Zellie-Zipper™ Patch collection and create a whole new look whenever the fancy takes you.


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