Being Imperfectly Perfect Is Enough!

Being Imperfectly Perfect Is Enough!  image
We all know that social media can suck a crazy amount of time from us, ever found yourself stalking a stranger’s photos from their trip to Ibiza in 2018? But have you ever stopped to consider how it really might be affecting you?
When you see those perfect photos full of tidy houses, stylish baby photos, master-chef worthy home cooking, gushing posts about #myworld, it can start to create a niggle. This niggle can quickly escalate to thoughts of 'What am I doing wrong?’, ‘Why is my house such a mess?’ and ‘God we’re having fish fingers again!'.
Don't get us wrong, we all like showing our 'good side' and how well we are doing (we all need a high five now and again) but in the real world is this ‘Instagram perfection’ good for mums, in particular new ones? There’s nothing like the early throws of motherhood to make you question your every move, to feel anywhere from in control or like your normal self (deflated tummy, leaking boobs and insane tiredness anyone?).
When it comes to social media we all need to remember that it's a tiny snippet of someone else's world, often choosing to show the best bits, and good for them! But if you are finding niggles popping into your head maybe you need to really consider how social media is affecting you?
When you next scroll through your feed consider what feelings and thoughts the photos you see are trigging inside of you. Some of the thoughts we’ve experienced are as mundane as “Should I upcycle the play kitchen?”. To more severe such as “How do they manage to do it all while looking so good, when I look dog rough and am barely coping?” to “They love every second of motherhood, so much so they want to post about it all the time, maybe I don’t love my kids as much as they do?”. If you ever find these thoughts popping up, then put your phone down and take a moment to think about what you’ve read here.
Mums’ mental wellbeing is our number one priority at Mummy Social and our founder Josie has been here herself. She took a break from those little addictive icons and felt those feelings slip away and much to her surprise, she felt much happier.
Our key message here is 'you choose' which accounts you follow. Ones that make you laugh, feel good and those that are relatable to you (don't worry who your friends are following or feel obliged to follow certain people). You have the power to remove, unfollow and YOU are in control of what you let yourself see, and therefore feel, on social media.
Here at Mummy Social, we only ever post things that bring us together as mums – not make us question ourselves. There are no filters or staged snippets of perfection - because we believe that perfection is normal life and motherhood itself, in all its messy lush-ness! 
Come join us on @mummysocial – we believe that motherhood is better when we do it together, when we make friends with other mums, when we are honest and true to ourselves and when we know we are great mums, just the way we are, however imperfect that may be!