Live Q&A with Dr Kiran Rahim

Live Q&A with Dr Kiran Rahim | The Baby Show 2021
Live Q&A with Dr Kiran Rahim | The Baby Show 2021
Join Dr Kiran (A.K.A The Munching Medic) on Monday 22 March at 7 pm on our Instagram page. Kiran will be doing a Live Q&A, answering any worries you  have for yourself or your little one around the vaccine and COVID.
Kiran is a NHS doctor specialising in baby, child and adolescent health, and currently works in London as a Pediatrician. She graduated from Barts and the London SMD in 2011 and completed her foundation training in London. She is a passionate advocate for child health, health promotion in BAEM communities and supporting women  to pursue higher education and leadership roles and uses her social media platform to talk about key issues relating to women and children
She created her educational platform on Instagram as 'themunchingmedic' to provide easy, evidence based, relatable information to help parents on the most important journey of their lives. As a mother to two boys, Kiran understands the challenges faced by parents of all backgrounds, in particular BAEM parents, who are often under-represented in healthcare. Her goal is to share her knowledge base by providing tips and medical advice in an empathetic and non-judgmental way. 

Dr. Kiran will be going live on our Instagram page (@thebabyshow) at 7pm on Monday 22 March, discussing any worries around common baby ailments such as coughs, colds and ear infections and also questions around COVID and the vaccine. You can ask your questions live, or send us an email ( and we'll make sure your questions gets answered.