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Our journey into cloth nappies began in May 2019 when we attended the baby show, walked past a stall selling cloth nappies and said “shall we find out some more information?”. All of a sudden we’d bought a starter pack and we were going to be cloth bum parents. It wasn’t so much a decision not to use disposables, rather we didn’t even consider them.

Our little boy arrived a little earlier than expected in July 2019 and A LOT smaller than expected, our lovely nappies were too big and wouldn’t fit until he was nearly 9 months old. Luckily we managed to get some very cute newborn nappies quickly and began our cloth journey. And we’ve never looked back.

As cloth bum parents, we were always willing to try lots of different brands, we’d find parts of different nappies suited our needs and often wished for something that combined all the parts we loved. We took the opportunity to design a nappy that encompassed all the best bits and Brainy Bums was born.

We built our brand around our desire to build a better, more sustainable future for our son and future generations. Our decision to use cloth nappies has taken us on a exciting journey into the world of becoming environmentally conscious and responsible. It’s amazing how one small change can lead you to evaluate other areas of waste.

We hope you’ll enjoy your journey into the cloth bum world as much as we have. Here’s to raising future eco-conscious generations and teaching them the importance of preserving our beautiful planet.
Thank you for supporting our small business.