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Silk is enjoying something of a renaissance and we’re delighted you could join the party. We’re dedicated to loosening silk’s tie, from that of uptight baroque opulence or 1980’s soap opera hangovers, to chic minimalism and Big Little Lies. Think less Timothy Dalton, more Tom Hardy.

In short, we think silk is sleek and suave, yet salubrious… and we can’t wait to introduce you.

‘Mimo’, the ancient Yoruba word for ‘pure,’ is our founding principle. With the conception of our Versatile Seat Slip, we engineered this purity to wrap around your busy lifestyle (slipped over a sticky restaurant highchair perhaps? Or a softer car seat, on those journeys when you just have to belt out Aretha). From immaculate Pillow Slips to soothing Silk Cot Slips, we provide you and your most beloved with nourishing simplicity. Trust and confidence, without compromise.