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Preparing for a baby doesn’t have to be overwhelming and confusing

When I was pregnant with Aaryan, I was so excited about becoming a mama, but in reality, I was nervous and had no idea about how to look after a baby. 

A few expensive antenatal courses and a lot of baby books later, I felt more overwhelmed and unsure than before.

I thought that there must be a better, easier and more convenient way for new mums to prepare and feel more confident about mamahood.  

In the end, I found my answer in my amazing sister in law, Kit (who was already a mum) She simply talked me through EVERYTHING I needed to know. She reassured me and answered questions I never knew I had.

By the time Aaryan arrived, I felt completely confident in my new role as a mama. I knew what to expect and exactly what to do.  

I felt prepared and confident.

I know, not everyone is lucky enough to have someone that they trust to guide them through their transition to mamahood.  That’s how the idea for the MAMA Level Up program was born. I want everyone to have the same experience I did. Having someone you trust simply, talk you through it is honestly the best and easiest way to prepare for a baby.

The MAMA Level up programme is designed to turn Nervous first time mamas who feel underprepared and overwhelmed into Confident calm intuitive Mamas

I know what it’s like to be pregnant with your first baby, you’re excited and a little bit clueless. I want to make your Journey into mamahood simpler, just like Kit did for me.

I want you to thrive in the first few months of motherhood with more confidence, energy and sleep!!