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Multi award-winning ewan the dream sheep hit the market in 2010 and since then his popularity and acclaim has sky rocketed! Not only is ewan uber cute and irresistible, he has magical powers too! ewan’s soft pink glow combined with actual womb and heartbeat recordings are emitted at the low base frequency that baby’s hear in the womb which is why he’s so effective. Look out for our fabulous ewan Deluxe with all new SHUSH sound of a real human voice that’s been inspired by paediatric research, together with innovative cry sensor that automatically activates when your baby crys. The Deluxe is also machine washable, so you can keep him clean and healthy! We also have our gorgeously soft baa baa blankies with super soft and snuggly plush combined with silky edging, featuring ewan’s friendly face, which are perfect for bedtime snuggles and cuddles!