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The Fraupow Wearable Pump

Fraupow Stand: D72
The Fraupow Wearable Pump
Fraupow Wearable Pump
Introducing Fraupow - The Affordable Hands Free Breast Pump

The newly launched Fraupow Breast Pump is taking on the giants of the baby aisle with its top of the range features and affordable price point. 

Fraupow is a hands free, wireless breast pump. Designed to be worn inside the bra, it allows busy mums to pump milk whilst getting on with all the other stuff they need to do.

Lighter than the leading alternative it weighs in at just 218g, and it also holds 180ml of milk -30ml more than the competition, meaning that mums can pump greater quantities without having to stop to empty the milk chamber or change bottles.

The Fraupow pump is loaded with features that ensure it keeps up with or beats other pumps available in stores today. It has 12 intensity levels, to ensure that women can find the perfect comfort level for them, combined with massage, auto and suction modes for easy and efficient pumping. 

Despite matching the competition feature by feature, the Fraupow Pump is affordably priced, saving over £150 compared to the cost of similar competitor products.

Female founder Sunita Boyes is passionate about creating genuinely useful solutions to the problems parents face, in order that they can focus on enjoying and living life with their baby.

Her ambition on starting Fraupow was to create a product that would support other women, and be accessible to every milking mum. The aim of women supporting women is evidenced through the recent launch of a free midwife chat service, available weekly through Fraupow’s website and free to anyone who wants to get some expert advice and support. 

Sunita Boyes, Founder of Fraupow said;

“This has been a really tough year for pregnant women and new mums, who have had their access to midwives and social support limited because of the repercussions of COVID19. We created the Fraupow breast pump and free midwife chat as ways to provide support to those mums and make it as affordable and accessible as possible. If we can help mums not to feel isolated then we’ll have done our job"

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