Our Safety Measures

Keeping you safe at The Baby Show Birmingham

We have been working hard to ensure we can hold The Baby Show Birmingham with several measures to keep our attendees safe and secure. Working together with the events industry, we have produced the All Secure Standard (documents downloadable below) as a guide to delivering events in the current situation. The key elements are outlined below.

Please make sure everyone in your group is aware of these measures and the steps they need to take to gain entrance to the show. 

We are also working very closely with the NEC, who are committed to delivering events under rigorous health and safety measures. You can read their meaures on the NEC website. 

Take a look at our video with our host Lucy Piper, talking through the measures that will be put in place at the show.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

Social distancing will be managed in line with the latest government advice. This will be based upon Government social distancing guidance.
Potential social distancing
required by Government
per person
2m* 4 .9 sqm
1.5m 2.25 sqm
1m 1.5 sqm
*Currently working towards 2m social distancing.

A new crowd management protocol will be put in place to ensure all areas of the venue are safe, in line with the latest government guidance.

Specialist social distance marshals will assist with the management of visitor flow.

Visitor Arrival

Visitor Arrival

Temperature check will be a condition of visitor entry. Any person displaying a high temperature (and potentially the party they are with) will not be granted access to the venue.

Advance ticket purchase: All visitors will need to purchae their ticket in advance. All complimentary ticket holders will need to validate their ticket in advance. This will enable us to minimise queuing and contact on arrival through the use of enhanced technology scanners which will facilitate seamless and contactless access upon entry and exit. 

Staggered visitor admission time slots will enable evenly spread attendance, minimising queuing to provide a safer and more seamless experience.

Track and Trace: contact details will be kept securely for 21 days to support contact tracing in line with government and local authority guidance.

Floor Plan

Personal Hygenie

Managed exhibitor numbers to optimise exhibitor to visitor ratio. 

Clear signage and controlled visitor traffic will help everyone keep a safe distance.

Wider aisles to enable social distance and to enhance the visitor experience.

Multiple entrances will enable management of social distancing and queues as well as a steady flow of visitors entering the show.

Cleaning and Hygiene


A deep clean will be undertaken by the venue prior to commencing build up.

Enhanced overnight cleaning: the venue will be fully cleaned regularly and electrostatic equipment (fogging) will be used to enhance the overnight cleaning regime of enclosed spaces.

An enhanced cleaning regime during show open periods, with extra attention given to high-frequency touch points such as toilets, door handles and hand-rails.

Food and beverage retail services will be provided in line with the latest government guidance.

Personal Hygiene

Show Layout

Hand sanitisers will be provided throughout the Show.

Hygiene reminders to regularly wash hands, not exchange business cards and refrain from personal greetings (a handshake or a hug) will be in place throughout the venue.

Face coverings are mandatory, in line with government guidance and should be supplied by the attendee.

Safer Payments: contactless payments will be encouraged throughout via card or phone, with an email receipt wherever possible.



Show website, social media and emails will supply exhibitors and visitors with the most up to date information regarding guidelines in place at the show.

Exhibitor manuals will include specific details of what our exhibitors need to execute for the enhanced safety and hygiene

Event signage will be displayed prominently regarding recommended guidelines eg. Social distancing and personal hygiene.

Public address during the show regarding physical distance and the importance of handwashing and sanitising hands.
You can download the All Secure Standard document below but please note this is subject to change as the situation and government advise develops so please ensure you take note of changes announced in our emails.