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Nursing Sweatshirts

Latched Stand: F40

At either side of the chest is a seam that cleverly conceals a zip. When baby demands milk, simply unzip whichever side you need to feed on and you’ve got fast, easy access to the goods! It’s discreet, it’s fuss-free and it gives you the freedom to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. 

This nursing sweatshirt is a brilliant addition to any mama’s wardrobe, but it’s especially useful for mums of babies born in the chillier months. It will keep you warm and cosy without the need to strip off loads of layers for every feed (because, let’s face it, time is of the essence when you’ve got a hungry baby!).

If you want to layer this sweatshirt over a top, why not team it with one of our nursing tops or vests?


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