Clare Byam-Cook

Breastfeeding Specialist


A qualified nurse and former midwife Clare Byam-Cook is one of the UK’s leading breastfeeding expert. A specialist on breastfeeding since 1989, Clare runs her own private consultations and has been called upon by a host of big names to help solve feeding issues; Kate Winslet, Izzy Judd, Kate Beckinsale, Gabby Logan, Vanessa Feltz, Trinny Woodall, Geri (Halliwell) Horner, Ayda Field and Helena Bonham Carter are all previous clients. "Whenever I refer patients to Clare I am confident that, if the problem can be solved, she will solve it. Her expertise and calm, confident manner has provided help and reassurance to countless mothers over the years." Dr. Tim Evans (Royal Physician) Clare’s common sense approach to breastfeeding and wealth of experience has made her the leading expert in the field and she is also regularly featured on TV, radio and in printed publications. “Almost all breastfeeding problems are caused by incorrect latching of the baby to the breast and, contrary to what many mothers are told, are not part and parcel of breastfeeding. In particular, sore nipples and difficulty in latching the baby onto the breast are usually caused by poor technique rather than bad luck, breasts being too big or the baby’s mouth is too small! Over the years I have gained a reputation for being able to solve almost all breastfeeding problems. All my clients come to me by word-of-mouth referral from friends, GPs, Health Visitors, paediatricians and obstetricians. I am also recommended by a number of London hospitals and midwives invite me in if they need my help with a particular patient."
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