Versha Patel

Creator of Birth and Beyond Fitness


I’m Versha, I created Birth & Beyond Fitness to help woman I found to be underserved in the world we live in today, gauged from my own personal experience. From the outset of getting educated in the field of fitness I focused all my Exercise and Nutrition Qualifications and Further Education on Woman’s Health, starting with Pregnancy, Postnatal Fitness, preparing for birth and recovery, and now including wider Female Relevant Exercise, Lifestyle and Essential Food Solutions, reflecting my life experiences as I have got older. I’m not only a specialist in pre and postnatal exercise & nutrition for baby’s development and healing, I also take all woman’s health seriously with pelvic floor being central to everything I teach and practice. Birth & Beyond Fitness was born as I found I personally got so much from exercise both before and after having my two children, mentally and physically. My journey to motherhood was mostly two great pregnancies with a few low points in the first year after my babies were born. I can look back and see it was a form of postnatal depression, as often this is a time when you can begin to feel low or may experience uncontrollable crying, as our hormones are a little unstable while our body’s work to re-establish ‘normal hormone levels for you’ again after birth. My positive experiences of 2 pregnancies and births without medical intervention I put down to my physical movement and food also, though more in my second pregnancy than first. My children are now 13 (daughter) and 8 (son) years old, and I started my first pregnancy class in August 2013!
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