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We re-invented the pregnancy and nursing bra to give you Support In More Ways Than One.

From bump to baby, providing ultimate comfort with support plus 3 unique features to aid successful breastfeeding.

The revolutionary and award-winning Mumba Bra is fast becoming the must-have lingerie item for pregnant and breastfeeding mums across the globe. This ground-breaking bra has been carefully designed to support mums from pregnancy through to nursing and incorporates 3 unique features to aid successful breastfeeding:

1. Mumba's clasp helps mums simply track which breast to feed baby from next, helping to maintain milk supply in both breasts and prevent painful engorgement.

2. Original black and white BabyFocus print is perfectly placed to stimulate, calm and focus baby at every feed. In addition to supporting baby's visual development with its sensory print.

3. Drop cup opening, easy to use with one hand, opens to reveal a discretion panel, providing the ultimate solution to breastfeeding discreetly in public.