NCT Class Packages

NCT Class Packages

Prepare for birth and early parenthood by booking onto our 45-minute classes run by NCT practitioners.

Classes are jam-packed with vital information and practical tips to help you and your partner prepare for birth and the first few weeks of your baby’s arrival, covering everything from the birth choices available to pain management techniques, how to bathe your baby to calming, breastfeeding to how to read baby cues. 

Three different packages, Bronze, Silver, and Gold include two adult standard show entry tickets plus two, four or six class places. Bronze classes start at £46 per package, Silver at £68 and Gold at £94. The timetable below shows the five daily 'taster' classes and the time slots you are able to choose from when booking.

Bronze, Silver & Gold Ticket Packages

Each NCT Class Package includes two standard adult tickets, plus class places. Classes can also be booked individually or as an add-on for £12 per person, per class. 


NCT Class Packages include:

About The Classes

A Step-by-Step Guide to Breastfeeding

A friendly and supportive session full of practical tips to get breastfeeding off a good start, plus where to get further support if it's needed. Led by a specialist NCT breastfeeding counsellor.

The Expectant Parent Guide

With content drawn from NCT postnatal courses and workshops, join this session to learn how to put your baby to bed safely along with techniques for calming your crying baby. 

The New Grandparent Guide

You will cover practical care, including feeding, sleeping, crying and calming. Plus, thoughts about how to avoid misunderstanding about baby care and development between generations.

Labour and Pain Management

Come and learn practical tools and techniques to help Mum work with her body in the most effective way during labour.

The New Parent Survival Guide

Nappy changing, safe sleeping, carrying, washing, car seats - and more - all feature in this hands-on workshop covering the essentials of practical baby care.


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