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BellaMoon is an award-winning breastfeeding product suitable for all feeding positions.
The Full-Moon provides intense comfort to Mother and baby whilst breastfeeding on their side. It supports Mothers neck, shoulders, back and hips which often become sore and twisted during lateral breastfeeding. There is a soft yet structural removable wedge located between Mother and baby to help prevent rolling.  The outer edge on baby side is also inclined away from baby to prevent rolling off the bed. There are 7 functions with the Full-Moon. Its modular design means it can be transformed into a pregnancy pillow, a sitting up feeding pillow, a breastfeeding privacy cover, a breastfeeding day bed, and breastfeeding baby pod (Half Moon). a tummy time support and an infant lounger.
The Half-Moon is designed for night-time breastfeeding, to help Mother and baby nurture and rest in the natural side-breastfeeding position.

BellaMoon was awarded 'Mums and Tots' Best New Product 2018.