Motherhood is way better with mum friends

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Mush is a proud digital partner of the Baby Show. As a big believer in the power of community and the need for parents to be well informed as they come into parenthood, it makes perfect sense that we partner in this way!
So let's talk about Mush. What is it?
Mush was the very first innovation in the parenting space when it came to meeting other mums with babies the same age as you. It was an app that made it easy to find mum friends around the corner, with kids the same age. Launched in 2016, it was dubbed 'Tinder for mum friends', but now gratefully has settled on 'The friendliest app for mums'.
The reason it exists is that its founders Sarah and Katie were floored by loneliness with their first babies and by the time they got to their second, knew they needed to get out each day for a dose of social interaction and fresh air. 
They met on such an outing and then hung out every day; walking, talking, drinking tea. Things that are mostly still allowed now (though the pandemic makes it much harder we realise). So they created an app to bring together mums in one place (or at least bring together the ones looking for friendship!).
So in fact not only does Mush give you a way to find mums near you to hang out with as and when we all can, but it gives a safe and friendly space to ask all the questions about motherhood you need, online from your own home. 
Some of the most intimate chats on Mush are around experiences of childbirth, others want practical advice about feeding and babycare. Others ask about relationships and emotions. The point is on Mush you can be unashamedly mum in a way that you can't be elsewhere. And unlike forums- every person on Mush has a profile and is accountable for their activity. You will be welcome here.
In addition, we are doing daily Zoom video calls with experts around all the things you will (at some stage) want to know. Next week we have toddler behaviour, baby classes, weaning workshops and breastfeeding clinics. So another reason to come on and join the Mush community.
You can join Mush by downloading the free app. Go to to find out more.