Q&A with Georgia Jones

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Georgia Jones is a Yorkshire born London based model, blogger & mummy and will be speaking on the Live Stage with MadeForMums on Saturday 20 October at 13:00. Here is a Q&A about her experience of motherhood:

Georgia Jones is a Yorkshire born London based model, blogger & mummy and will be speaking on the Live Stage with MadeForMums on Saturday 20 October at 13:00. 

How have you enjoyed becoming a new mum?
I really have, Cooper is just adorable & it’s so wonderful watching him grow & learn. That being said it’s flipping hard work and there are 100% days where it’s a bit of a struggle but I wouldn’t change it for the world!
Was it harder than you thought it would be?
I knew it was going to be hard, so I’d prepared myself for that but I don’t think you ever really know what’s it’s going to be like until your in the thick of it! It’s hard, really hard sometimes, but the more you learn (as you go, we’re all winging it) the easier it gets.
Has Danny enjoyed becoming a Dad?  
He’s loved it... especially now Cooper is doing a bit more and gets excited to see his Daddy. I think in the beginning men can feel a bit redundant (especially if the woman is breastfeeding)
It’s just gorgeous watching them together.
How did you meet and did you know he was ‘the one’?
We met at an event & I actually didn’t particularly like him when we first met!!
That rapidly changed once I got to know him but we didn’t get together until a year later (which looking back was fate doing its thing!)
When we finally went on a date a year later I knew pretty quickly that he was the one for me.
What’s the dynamic like? Do you fall into the traditional roles or a bit of everything?
Danny has never put the bins out!! So I’m going to say no!!! Haha!
I love cleaning & a tidy house so that’s kind of my job, Danny’s the DIY-er of the house... he’s practical & I make things look pretty!!
What has been your can’t live without product as a new mum?
The Doona!!! It’s a pram/car seat all rolled into one!! Honestly, I can’t explain how brilliant it is!!!
And your favourite app and why?
There are some amazing Apps for new parents. I use Bubble (a babysitter app)  which has been amazing for me when I’ve just needed a couple of hours to get jobs done, send emails etc... & in the early days, an App called SleepySounds was wonderful for getting Cooper to sleep. It plays all sorts of sounds like a heartbeat, white noise & rain.
You’re speaking at The Baby Show – how good do you think it is for new parents to go there?
Yes, I am, can’t wait!
I think it’s such a great place for new and expectant parents to visit. Parenthood can be daunting & there is so much ‘stuff’ you need. 
The shows great for test driving products & helping with the decision making!!
Fitness is obviously so important to you – what advice would you give to a new mum trying to get fit after having a baby?
It is, I really believe staying fit throughout my pregnancy made me stronger when it came to pushing!
As for getting fit after a baby, my advice would be to take your time and make sure you are ready to workout. I’d recommend all new mums to get checked by a trained professional before getting back into fitness.
My Personal Trainer Charlie at Bumps & Burpees is trained in pre and postnatal training, it’s so important to have advice from people who actually know what’s safe for you and your baby.
You’re good friends with Giovanna Fletcher and Izzy Judd who are also McFly wives and have spoken at The Baby Show – how supportive have they been?
Super supportive, I’m so lucky to have such great friends around me.
I can’t wait for Cooper to be able to play with their children! 
What projects are you working on at the moment? And in the future?
My main focus is my YouTube Series ‘BUMP’ an honest look into the world of babies & parenting! 
We have big plans for it so watch this space!!!