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MaryMarguerite is all about loving your legs!

My name is Esther and I am the founder of MaryMarguerite. During my pregnancies, I suffered from varicose veins and felt very frustrated about the lack of compression wear on the market that a woman would actually feel good in! Also, the more I talked to people, the more I realised that circulatory issues are actually very common during pregnancy and so I made it my mission to create compression leggings for everyday wear – leggings with a touch of glamour but that work hard to keep your circulation moving and your legs happy!

MaryMarguerite leggings:

• help to alleviate the symptoms of varicose veins achy and swollen legs
• act as a shaping garment, making your legs look and feel great
• may reduce swelling and discomfort during flights
• offer graduated compression up the leg
• have a FIRM compression level
• are tested to BS7563 non-prescriptive hosiery
• are made in the UK