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Like a kind and knowledgeable best friend, The Nest Planner will calmly guide you through the extraordinary experience of preparing for your new baby.
Whether you are feeling excited, confused, overwhelmed or perhaps all three, The Nest Planner will be at your side as you navigate the many changes that lie ahead.  Author Rebecca Patterson and her team of expert contributors have between them helped thousands of expectant parents and now share their wisdom and top tips with you.
Part reference book and part journal, this unique planner is packed full of advice and inspiration for you, your baby and your home.  Whether you need help combating morning sickness, choosing a name for your baby or organising the nursery, The Nest Planner has it covered.  You’ll discover how to create a memory box, choose the right family car, prepare the dog for the new arrival and much more.  Plus, you’ll add your own ideas and notes using the planning pages and checklists.
The Nest Planner is a warm, witty and non-judgemental companion for all parents-to-be. The dip-in-dip-out format allows you to pick your own priorities, and plan what matters most to you.  Best of all, it will help you to enter this next chapter feeling calm, confident and ready to welcome your new baby in your own unique way.