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Bundlee is the UK’s first baby clothing rental subscription. As babies outgrow 7 clothing sizes in just 2 years, it's the ultimate fast fashion! We’re here to give you an easy way to make a sustainable switch, save space in your home, and be kind to your purse.

Simply pick the plan that fits your family for a flat monthly price. Your conscious clothes will be conveniently delivered for free by your selected delivery date. Whenever your little one’s ready, conveniently swap outgrown clothes for the next size up!

With free returns and no time limits on swaps, you’ll always have the size you need. Your returned clothes are cleaned and go through our eco-friendly Ozone sanitisation method, ready to be loved by the next family.

Try the subscription that makes parenting a little bit easier and lot more sustainable; and together we can create a better future for children to grow into!

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  • Founded by West London-based Eve Kekeh in 2018, Bundlee baby clothing rental provides a sustainable solution to buying baby clothes that are rapidly outgrown.
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