D for Doula

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  • | Sustainable
  • | Made in Britain
  • | New
  • | Clothing (Baby & Toddler)
  • | Clothing (Maternity)
  • | Education
  • | Food and Feeding
  • | Gifts
  • | Healthcare and Wellbeing
  • | Services
  • | Third Trimester
  • | Second Trimester
  • | 6-12 months
  • | Fourth Trimester (0-3 months)
  • | First Trimester
  • | 3-6 months
  • | 12+ months

DforD is a multi functioning, design-led, sustainable pregnancy label. Made fairly in London, England, supporting local design studios designed by Dionne, Doula and qualified Midwife.

DforD debuts with The Gown, exclusively designed to accompany you throughout your pregnancy continuum, allowing vital skin-to-skin contact between parent and baby - an essential upgrade on the current hospital gown.

The DforD Gown’s chic design means it can also be worn when you’re not pregnant or feeding as a beach cover-up or dress. DforD Gowns are made from 100% high quality linen from sustainable fabric roll-ends, so all colours/prints are made in limited batches.

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  • An original design for maximum comfort and movement. Made to last from sustainable 100% linen roll-ends, wear yours as a chic and stylish beach cover-up or a summer dress before and after your baby’s ...
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