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HotTea Mama is an award-winning tea company that creates bespoke blends to naturally support women’s wellness.

HotTea Mama’s range supports pregnancy, periods, breastfeeding, sleep and menopause.

Initially inspired by Bethan and Kate’s experience of pregnancy and motherhood. Facing morning sickness, insomnia, birth preparation and breastfeeding on a restricted diet, they were desperate for natural support. Then, entering their 40s, perimenopause became a concern, and again, tea became a great way to help support their transition and hormone health.  

Supported by a community of over 20k women on instagram, and stocked in Holland & Barrett as well as online.

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  • Choose 3 of HotTea Mama's award-winning teas for pregnancy and motherhood, for £15.    Saving 20% -  RRP £18


  • The Final Push Raspberry Leaf Tea

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    It's the final trimester and you are getting prepared to meet your little life-changer. Our blend of Raspberry Leaves sweetened by Peppermint will give you a cup of tea that has been used for millenni ...
  • Morning Rescue Tummy Soothing Tea

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    Pregnancy is an exciting and butterfly-inducing time. Just in case those  butterflies turn into morning sickness, our caffeine-free blend has got your back. Packed with tummy soothing botanicals of Le ...
  • Get Up & Glow Uplifting Tea

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    Whether you are feeling that elusive pregnancy glow or not, this blend is designed to elevate all the best feelings of your pregnancy. Caffeine-free and a vitamin-rich infusion of Grape, Hibiscus Flow ...
  • Milk's Up Breastfeeding Tea

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    Feeding another human is rewarding but at times challenging. Our unique, caffeine-free blend of Fennel, Nettle, Fenugreek Seeds, Lemon Verbena and Star Anise is a support to your milk supply, and tast ...
  • Newborn Wonder Support Tea

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    You may be on an emotional roller coaster of hormones once your tiny baby arrives.  Let our blend of White Tea and delicate Rose Buds soothe your soul and relax you into the wonders of motherhood with ...
  • Night Owl Calming Tea

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    When your night and days blur into one, allow our delicious blend of Chamomile, Rooibos, Valerian Root and Lavender to help break it up into lovely  moments. Ingredients chosen for their calming, slee ...
  • One-Handed Cup

    08 Aug 2022 HotTea Mama
    Splash-proof, insulated cup to make tea drinking simple and safe around your baby or toddler.
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