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Purflo launched its first product in 1996 and is the UK’s original baby-safe sleep brand.

Purflo was started by concerned new parents who wanted to create cleaner, safer and healthier sleeping environments for babies.

The first Purflo product to be created was the breathable mattress, which is still the only foam-free, fully breathable and fully washable mattress on the market today. As part of the original research and development, the mattress underwent extensive clinical laboratory research studies. Professor Peter Fleming CBE – professor of Infant Health and Development Physiology directed these studies at Bristol University. Professor Fleming is also an acknowledged world leader in Sudden Infant Death.

Today, Purflo is still driven by its founding principles of safe sleep. The brand's entire range is designed by safe sleep baby product experts.  At Purflo we believe baby sleep should be safe and sound, we only develop products that parents can trust.

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  • Baby's own breathable sleep space - inspired by experience, designed by experts. Sleep soundly every night right from baby's first breath, knowing that they are in a safe, comfortable, sleepy space of ...
  • Sleep meets science - a revolution in safer, more settled sleep Purflo have used 20 years of experience in breathable technology to create a total game changer - the very first baby bed of its kind to ...
  • Sleep through the seasons - one baby sleep bag, one sleeping baby. The only Baby Sleep Bag your baby will need in every season, whatever the weather. Zip on, zip off removable sleeves mean this sleep ...
  • Purflo Sleep Tight Bed

    04 Aug 2022 Natasha Leviton
    Sleep Tight Baby Bed Our brand-new sleep innovation – The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the first of its kind to be safe for unsupervised and overnight sleep from birth – eliminating concerns raised by trad ...
  • Swaddle Bag

    04 Aug 2022 Natasha Leviton
    Swaddle Bags The Purflo Swaddle to Sleep Bag is a super soft, safe alternative to traditional swaddling and using loose bedding. Give your baby the choice of having their arms safely tucked in or keep ...
  • Purflo Breath Pregnancy Pillow

    04 Aug 2022 Natasha Leviton
    Pregnancy Pillow Our Breathe Pregnancy Pillow provides essential support to aching backs, knees, hips and ankles. Growing a baby can sometimes be uncomfortable and prevent you from getting a good nigh ...
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